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  1. Anonymous says:

    Suitable for me as a rear seat monitor and dashboard cam. I bought this product because my car just collided, but the culprit escaped. If I had this recorder at the time, I could record the vehicle information in time. After comparison, I chose this device, I am very satisfied with my choice, I think it has the following advantages: .1. It is mounted directly on the rearview mirror and requires no installation. It is also very simple and suitable for renting vehicles. 2. Its screen is very large, expanding my view of the rearview mirror. When the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    When you want to drive evidence before the accident, after the occurrence of the neutralization, you can get great items. Not to mention that my Chrysler is not equipped with a spare camera, so combining it with a mirror allows me to look up at the mirror (rather than looking down at the radio monitor) while supporting the parking space. The characteristics of this project are very good to see and record the ends of the car while driving. Of course, it won’t be activated from the action…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I need a camera to monitor my car’s rear seat and monitor my boat and trailer while towing. It fits my needs perfectly. Installation is simple. The setting is a typical setting for a dash cam. Forget the g sensor. This doesn’t have it, nor does it need it. After an accident, click the lock button to protect the file. Only. Later, just make sure the power is off, pull out the card and your evidence is intact. Before ordering, be sure to measure the distance between the rear camera display and…