8200 PRO HD 7″” Professional Navigation with Live Traffic and Lifetime Map Updates

The Cobra 8200 Pro HD features a revamped, 7” interface, tier one maps with lifetime updates, live and predictable traffic maps and enhanced state mileage logs and hours of service timers and delivers useful, live data and keeps drivers safe and updated while on the road. Additional features include lane-assist technology, road closure updates and even truck-friendly points of interest; informing professional drivers to the location of truck stops, weigh stations, repair locations, parking, rest stops and much more. The unit comes in a thin and light-weight, touch screen display with easy-to-use menu options.. See why so many drivers rely on Cobra professional navigation to ride shotgun at cobra.com/nav

Product Features

  • Tier 1 maps that include lifetime updates; ensuring the most accurate, up-to-date maps
  • Live and predicted traffic to avoid time and money spent on traffic congestion
  • Superior truck/last-mile routing with four times more trucking attributes coverage in secondary roads
  • Enhanced state mileage logs & hours of service timers that keep track of on duty, on duty driving/off duty time based on GPS location. Also assists with IFTA fuel tax reporting and hours of service logging
  • Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compatible with the new Cobra RapidLogTM ELD 350 (coming soon)

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3 Responses to 8200 PRO HD 7″” Professional Navigation with Live Traffic and Lifetime Map Updates

  1. Tony Lupi says:

    The traffic menu bar does not work. It does not receive any traffic updates. 0

  2. Anonymous says:


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