WormHole Glider

Today’s story and sketch “by me” you see Swish Gofish,

his wife Sevita and their Martian one eyed hound named

Bruce as they glide above a dried out desert trail near

the buckskin mountains in their Worm Hole Glider.

The trio just arrived on Earth and are on their way

to a favorite meeting place for off the grid pirates,

pioneers, desert gypsies, and aliens, known as the desert

bar. Which is famous for its cold lagers and pretzel moon

pies. Swish and Sevita quit their jobs on Mars, Sevita

hated her job as a meter maid, Swish though was a successful

starving artist, selling his rock art at local crater fairs

and flea markets, his rock art (the hard round type),

he paints with colorful flowers, and his own catchy phrases like

“our garden rocks”, which he is hoping to sell as

souvenirs to tourists visiting earth.

I hope to catch up with Swish and Sevita after they

set up their semi permanent location in Quartzsite,

until then taa ta the Rod Blog.

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