TR-966 AM/USB/LSB 40 Channel Mobile CB Radio

The Texas Ranger TR-966 is an AM/USB/LSB 40 channel citizen band (CB) radio made for the professional user. The TR-966 features a 4-pin microphone with standard wiring. Charcoal gray front panel with chrome colored knobs. Radio controls include: Microphone Gain; Volume/Squelch; RF Gain/SWR Calibrate; SRF-SWR-CAL Switch; Mode Switch: PA – Lower Sideband (LSB) – AM – Upper Sideband (USB); Clarifier; Channel control; S-RF-SWR Meter; NB/ANL (Noise Blanker / Automatic Noise Limiter) On/Off Switch; Receive Audio Tone Hi/Low Switch; Dimmer Switch; Channel 19 Switch; Transmit/Receive LED Indicator. The TR-966 features a reliable thru-hole component board design, and heavy-duty steel and aluminum chassis. The TR-966 back panel features an industry standard UHF (SO-239) antenna connector, PA (public address) speaker jack, external speaker jack, 3-pin DC power cord jack, and it is factory wired for a frequency counter. The TR-966 is compatible with the Ranger SRA-166FB External Speaker with Built-In 5-Digit Frequency Counter. The TR-966 is hand-built in Malaysia by Ranger’s expert design and manufacturing team that has been building the world’s highest quality radios for over 30 years.

Product Features

  • 40 Channel CB Radio
  • Heavy-Duty Professional Design and Construction
  • AM / USB / LSB / PA
  • 4-Pin Wired Microphone
  • Compatible with Ranger SRA-166FB Ext. Speaker + Frequency Counter

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