Tenergy AA Rechargeable Battery NiCd 1000mAh 1.2V Battery Pack for Solar Lights, Garden Lights, Remotes, Mice, 12-Pack

Features and Benefits:
Especially fit for Intermatic and Malibu Solar Graden light, and can replace 600mAh NiCd AA cells with longer running time.
High quality High Capacity AA Size rechargeable NiCd battery.
Exact replacement for standard AA size battery in all the devices
Provides long use time per charge with this high 1000 mAh capacity
Designed for enhanced performance for high drain applications such as digital cameras, CD players, portable audio devices, hand held games, 2-way radios, PDAs, and other portable high drain digital electronics
Excellent quality and best price
Dimension: 14.2 Dia x 50 H mm.
Weight: 0.06 lbs per cell

If you would like to pre-charge your batteries before putting them into your solar lights, look into
– Tenergy T160 12-Bay AA/AAA NIMH/NICD LCD Smart Battery Charger (ASIN: B006ML9SO0)
– Tenergy TN157 8-Bay Smart AA/AAA NiMH/NiCd Battery Charger (ASIN: B004NYRMIC)
– Tenergy TN145 8-Bay AA/AAA NiMH/NiCd Battery Charger (ASIN: B006JILARE)

Note: Pre-charging your new batteries (before putting them in) can assist your solar lights in charging your batteries if there is not enough sun out.

Product Features

  • MULTIPLE USES – Popularly used for solar powered garden lights, landscaping lights, lawn lights, etc. Can be used with popular brands of solar garden lights including Intermatic, Malibu, and many others. Also functions as a standard rechargeable household AA battery, replace all alkaline disposable batteries that power your TV remotes, wireless mouse and keyboards, gaming controllers, RC remotes and others.
  • LONGER RUN TIME – As a rechargeable high capacity AA battery, it is built with 1000mAh capacity rating that translates to a longer use time. Typical batteries only have a 600mAh or 800mAh, so power your devices with our Tenergy AA NiCd battery that allows you to use your devices longer while making the most off its single charge.
  • REPLACE & REUSE – The dimensions are as followed for the Tenergy 1.2V AA NiCd Rechargeable Batteries: 14.2 mm (Diameter) x 50 mm (Length). A perfect replacement for many standard alkaline AA 1.5V batteries.
  • MONEY SAVING – Avoid wasting money on one-time use disposable alkaline batteries by switching to Tenergy rechargeable NiCd batteries that can be constantly recharged and reused.
  • SOLAR/STANDARD CHARGING – These rechargeable NiCd AA batteries can be charged via solar cell lights or standard charging units. For quicker charging time or when sunlight is dim, use a standard Tenergy universal battery charger.

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3 Responses to Tenergy AA Rechargeable Battery NiCd 1000mAh 1.2V Battery Pack for Solar Lights, Garden Lights, Remotes, Mice, 12-Pack

  1. Jayme & Gilbert says:

    Fixed my Malibu Lights! Okay, so they are just batteries right? Well most anyone would just expect them to simply work. These are exceptionally nice and made me very happy!These batteries really deliver. I purchased a set of solar Malibu Lights from our local home improvement store and noticed that they were awfully dim and some didn’t work at all. I was so disappointed, but couldn’t exchange the new lights because I had purchased the last of them. I put these batteries in……, and presto! There was a…

  2. Roux says:

    These batteries murdered two of my solar lights I purchased these to replace some worn out batteries in my solar garden lights. After I placed the battery in my first light, I heard a faint *pop* sound and the LED flashed and went dead. I though it just may be a fluke so I tried a second light with another battery. This time there was no pop, but the light also went dead. I left the batteries in a and placed them in the sun for a day. Come evening..nothing. The light was no longer working. Now I am stuck with 22 batteries that I am scared to…

  3. Marja says:

    Not good for solar lights! Quite disappointed in these for my solar lights, which was my main purpose in buying these–and a purpose that is promoted by the seller. (Though they seem to work fine for other purposes.) I’m a longtime and routine user of solar lights, and watch their reactions carefully. I have fiddled and fiddled with these–making sure they are in the right sunlight, changing out the batteries more than once (in case one in the pack was “bad”) and making sure the lights themselves weren’t…