SecurOMax 6ft Aux Cable (3.5mm Male to Male Auxiliary Audio Cable) with Shielded Cord for Car/Auto Stereo Speakers, Headphones, Mp3 Player, iPhone, iPod, iPad & Computer (Black & Metal)


Get your hands on this heavy duty high quality 3.5mm stereo audio aux cable. One of a few cables that won’t add hiss and background noise to your music, and won’t fall apart after a year of abuse.

Don’t be fooled by thin Copper Clad Aluminium (CCA) cables with nickel-plated connectors. This beauty is made of 100% pure oxygen-free bare copper (BC), has 24K gold plated connectors, and is double-shielded for maximum performance and ultra low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Copper has a much higher conductivity and tensile strength than aluminium. Aluminium conductor inside a CCA cable is more likely to fail over time than the copper conductor inside a BC cable. That’s why all SecurOMax cables are made of 100% pure oxygen-free bare copper! We are dedicated to quality.

✔ Connect ANY Smartphone, Tablet or Player to Car Speakers via Dashboard Aux Port

Unique step-down connector design lets you securely use the cable with nearly all smartphone cases. Even the thickest and heaviest case shouldn’t cause connection issues (may not fit some life-proof cases). It’s 100% compatible with all standard Aux ports commonly found on dashboards of most cars, and will fit any smartphone, tablet and mp3 player having regular or recessed 3.5mm headphone jack.

✔ Outstanding Sound Quality – No Hiss & Background Noise

Signal wires inside the cable are heavily shielded, and insulated with a high impedance nitrogen-injected dielectric. It eliminates both alien crosstalk and background noise caused by electromagnetic pollution.

Product Features

  • AUX CABLE 6FT LONG: Shielded Cord – 3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cables for Car/Auto Stereo(s) Speaker(s), Headphone(s), Mp3 Player, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Computer & Auxiliary Input Connector(s)
  • AUX CORD FITS NEARLY ALL SMARTPHONE CASES: Unique step-down design lets you securely use this cable with almost any smartphone case – Even if you have the heaviest and bulkiest case, you shouldn’t have any issues inserting the cable and keeping it connected (may not fit some life-proof cases)
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: This 3.5mm (1/8″) auxiliary cable is compatible with all devices having regular or recessed 3.5mm audio jacks including smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, mp3 players, headphones and portable speakers. It lets you easily connect your phone and other music devices to your in-car speakers via the standard aux port available on the dashboard of your car.
  • PERFECT SOUND QUALITY: Connectors are 24K gold plated, and the wires are made of a pure 100% oxygen-free bare copper. Dual shielding and nitrogen-injected dielectric around the signal wires provide ultra low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) effectively eliminating hiss and static noise. This makes your music sound the best!
  • HEAVY-DUTY, FLEXIBLE & TANGLE FREE: This cable is built with the same premium grade materials as the top headphone brands. It’s tough, and will last a life time! The connectors are encased in rock-solid metal tubes, and the soft PVC jacket is virtually knot & kink free.

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3 Responses to SecurOMax 6ft Aux Cable (3.5mm Male to Male Auxiliary Audio Cable) with Shielded Cord for Car/Auto Stereo Speakers, Headphones, Mp3 Player, iPhone, iPod, iPad & Computer (Black & Metal)

  1. RickRealtor says:

    Best Aux Cable because it’s Nicely Reinforced This is a great cable and unless you unscrew the cover at each end you might not know how great. The cover for the connection to the plug actually has threads to screw on and off easily and what it reveals is a very well made, sturdy reinforcement under each end cover, which I measured at 3/4″. The flexible cable, the reinforcement and the gold plug pins make this cord stand out as possibly the best cord I’ve ever bought. Which makes the price even more amazing.If it’s as durable as it…

  2. Robert McHugh says:

    Good low noise cord – has an additional step so it fits phones that have protective cases

  3. Matt Osler says:

    Don’t Believe the Hype… I purchased this cable about a year ago, so in that sense it wasn’t a bad buy. It lasted about as long as any other AUX cable I’ve ever purchased and it wasn’t overly expensive. However, I bought it because I was convinced by the advertising and the reviews that it would last longer than a standard AUX cable. One problem is that any company will say whatever they need to say to sell their product. The other problem is that 99.99% of people who leave reviews on Amazon post them the day after…