Pyle Car Recorder DVR Front & Rear View Dash Camera Video 2.7 Inch Monitor Windshield Mount – Full Color HD 1080p Security Camcorder for Vehicle – PiP Night Vision Audio Record Micro SD PLDVRCAMG36

Pyle PLDVRCAMG36 1080p hd auto recorder or supposed dash cams records consistent video cuts consequently. Once the memory card is full, it overwrites the most established opened video cuts with a specific end goal to keep continuous checking for you. The length of every video clasp can be set to 3, 5, or 10 minutes.

Attachment and Play

The gadget is turned on and starts recording consequently with the motor start on. It is killed consequently soon after the motor is off. This programmed on/off component applies to all autos aside from those few with their cigarette lighters continually on.

Memory Card

  • 1. To refuse losing saved archives or hurting the memory card, please guarantee the dashboard camera is executed before embeddings or emptying the card.
  • 2. The execution of a memory card debilitates after certain period of organization. It impacts the way of pictures it stores. In case it happens, please outline the memory card, or supplant it with another card.

    Technical Specs:

  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Cam Lens Technology
  • Screen Display Resolution: 480×272 Pixels
  • Lens: Samsung 6G Lens, 140° Angle Viewing
  • Exposure, ISO, White Balance Settings
  • Image Sensor: CMOS Color
  • Video Format: PAL/NTSC
  • Minimum Illumination: 1 Lux
  • Maximum Micro SD Card Support: 32GB
  • Date Stamp: ON/OFF
  • Power: USB, DC 5V
  • Size (L x W x H): 4.9” x 1.6” x 1.2”
  • Sold as: 1
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.


Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

If this item fails to meet your expectations we will accept it back a full refund within the first 30 days.

Product Features

  • ULTRA HD VIDEO QUALITY: This blackbox car recorder can be windshield mount with full hd 1080p cmd full shading. Video is striking for quality high assurance. Pyle PLDVRCAM30 camera recorders is an absolute necessity to have frill for your vehicle.
  • WIDE ANGLE & NIGHT VISION: 140 degrees road view auto camcorder, worked in IR with external lights, striking night video quality. More sharp picture on your auto camera recorder 1080p HD your onlooker never obstructed. Have security while out & about
  • FAVORABLE & SAFEGUARDS: Records sharper image subsequently when engine starts. Safety g-sensor and manual crisis bolt catch. Current video 2.7 inch dash cam from overwritten, Accident free driving park protect canine for perception of your vehicle
  • UNENDING SEAMLESS RECORDING: Loop digital car dvr camera pip view record video in vehicle with the freshest, Modified and reliable sound recording. Micro sd card up to 32GB. Capacity to quickly playback audio programmed recorded video
  • WHAT YOU GET DASH CAMS: This stealth hidden dashboard cam can do car reverse parking of front & rear view camera. With control link, windshield mount and data exchange cable clasps, & usb connector. Simple document sharing and information exchange.

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3 Responses to Pyle Car Recorder DVR Front & Rear View Dash Camera Video 2.7 Inch Monitor Windshield Mount – Full Color HD 1080p Security Camcorder for Vehicle – PiP Night Vision Audio Record Micro SD PLDVRCAMG36

  1. Yopinch says:

    Very Good & Economical Dashcam I like the unit’s abilities and the fact that it uses GPS to assist with location information. The screen is a bit small so looking at it while in the vehicle is not easy, but who is watching themselves while driving? It is very nifty to have the ability to take the SSD card out to review the videos on my computer. The GPS allows mapping of your location while you are traveling so when you review, a map is to the side showing you exactly where you were. Really cool!!The abundance of…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Given the price of this dash camera I didn’t have the highest of expectations. There are a few decent things about the camera and a few annoyance.The Good: – Decent daylight video for the price. The video is not HD, but it’s decent. You’re not necessary going to be reading license plates but it’s better than no witness at all. – The audio pickup works quite well.The Bad – The GPS takes a long time to sync, and with current Easter Daylight Time (EDT)…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Per other reviews this “1080 High Definition” Camera is not even close to HD! When you review the footage it looks like you are viewing an old VHS tape. The quality is one of the worst I have seen in a dash cam. I purchased this dash cam because of the subtle camera that faces the car for ride sharing. Quality and the app to review the footage is very lacking! You cant just open the footage with out using the propriety software.The microphone on the unit is also very poor and…