Planet Audio PEQ10 Half-DIN, 4 Band Car Equalizer, Subwoofer Output with Adjustable Filter, fixed bands (high, mid, low and sub)

Audio Connections
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How An Equalizer Is Used

The Planet Audio PEQ10 parametric equalizer is a high-fidelity signal processor/preamplifier that allows you to control the relative levels within the audible frequency spectrum of a stereophonic system. It is intended for use in a car audio system which includes amplifiers in a signal path after the equalizer, and provides front, rear, and subwoofer low level outputs via RCA connectors.


  • EQ center frequencies: 75Hz – 200Hz – 2kHz – 20kHz
  • Equalization range: +/- 18 dB (boost/cut)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Subwoofer crossover frequency: Variable 45 – 180Hz
  • Signal to noise ratio: 105 dB
  • THD: 0.05%
  • Subwoofer channel THD: 0.05%
  • Channel separation: 60 dB
  • Low Level Input Voltage: 0.5 V
  • Defeat/Equalizer: 0 dB/ +/-1 dB
  • Power supply: 10-16V negative ground
  • Output voltage: 7V RMS

Front Panel Controls And Key Features
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Front Panel Controls And Key Features
  1. Master Volume Control: Use this to adjust the overall output volume level.
  2. Fader: Use this control to balance the sound level between front and rear speakers as desired.
  3. Auxiliary Input Selector: This button permits you to select the equalizer input source. The unit features separate rear RCA inputs for CD/DVD players and your choice of an AUX input.
  4. Subwoofer Frequency: Use this knob to set the crossover frequency for the subwoofer output channel (i.e. it is a low pass filter)
  5. Subwoofer Gain: This control permits you to increase or decrease the output level of the subwoofer channels.
  6. Boost/Cut Controls: Each of these controls represent a range of frequencies surrounding a center frequency to cover the audio spectrum from subwoofer frequencies to treble frequencies. Adjust these controls to suit your taste and listening environment. Each center frequency can be adjusted +/- 12 dB.

Product Features

  • Four fixed bands (high, mid, low and sub) with 12dB of boost / cut adjustment. The adjustable subwoofer crossover and gain control add flexibility to your bottom end
  • 4 Band Adjustment, Subwoofer Output with Adjustable Filter
  • Subwoofer Level Control, Auxiliary Input
  • Master Volume Control, Fader Control
  • Input Sensitivity Adjustment, PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) Power Supply
  • S / N: ≥ 85dB, Night Illumination
  • Dimensions: Depth 7″ x Width 1.4″ x Height 5.1″
  • 1 Year Warranty

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3 Responses to Planet Audio PEQ10 Half-DIN, 4 Band Car Equalizer, Subwoofer Output with Adjustable Filter, fixed bands (high, mid, low and sub)

  1. Bryce N. says:

    Works Great

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    After inspecting the pcb I found many bad solder joints I dug through all the q&a looking for a way to use this not in a car and found lots of “you can’t do that” and “it won’t work.” To use this with an audio system inside you must also buy a 12 volt 2 amp wall adapter with a wire adapter. From the adapter connect the positive wire to the 12v tab on the equalizer, the negative to ground, and use a small wire connecting the 12v tab to the remote tab. when you plug in the wall adapter the eq should light up at which point it is…