Patriot PAT12, 2000 watt, 12′, Base Station CB Radio Antenna

Patriot PAT12 2000 watt 12 Base Station CB Radio Antenna

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3 Responses to Patriot PAT12, 2000 watt, 12′, Base Station CB Radio Antenna

  1. John Chauvet says:

    Procom Pat-12 Gets it done for a 12 foot antenna. Bought the PAT-12, 12 footer just for local CB talk. Works great for that. It’s no A-99, but it still gets me 10 miles with S9 or better signals. Instruction manual slightly confusing in regards to parts package. Seems Procom adds more hardware than required. A quick call to their 800 number cleared it right up. Turns out their info tech is an old CB pal and we got into the antenna usage and mounting much more deeply than expected. Many tips and tricks revealed regarding coax lenght and type…

  2. S. Benn says:

    Excellent Base Antenna

  3. scott says:

    Patriot PAT12 This is a nice little antenna for new users or ppl who want to use a portable antenna that can be transported to somewhat remote locations. It has a decent price-point if you’re just getting started in 10/11m as a hobby. I bought one for my son and upgraded to a used Antron99 within 3 months. Nothing to do with the PAT12 being substandard, it just didn’t transmit very far from our location. We run barefoot (4w) and live in a hilly rural area. I have no idea how well this antenna would perform…