Garmin Air Vent Mount

This mount offers a new way to view nüvi; an alternative to the windshield and dash mounts—clearing up the car’s windshield. Compatible with almost all 4.3-Inch and 5-Inch devices 1, it is sure to improve visibility for the road ahead, making the drive safe for everyone, all while keeping the device within arm’s reach. Simply attach the cradle/unit bracket2 to the air vent mount and secure the device

Product Features

  • Attach your portable navigator to the air vent in your vehicle with this mount, an alternative to windshield and dash mount
  • Simply attach the cradle/unit bracket to the air vent mount and secure the device

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3 Responses to Garmin Air Vent Mount

  1. DiverBob says:

    You get what you pay for Initially I bought a cheaper vent mount. It broke and was sent back. Then I bought this Garmin vent mount. It’s like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This is by far better than the cheaper alternatives. If you’ve had overheating, charging issues, and or your touch screen becomes inop; this air vent mount might solve any or all those issues. Placing a GPS on a the windshield in direct sun is as hot a location as one could find in a vehicle. Moving it lower to an air vent gets it…

  2. Susan says:

    Great Fit This is just what I’ve waiting for from Garmin. I looked at knock-offs, but really trust Garmin’s products and they finally have a great way to mount my Nuuvi 52 to my dash air vent in 2010 Ford vehicle. The piece is about 2″ tall (much smaller than the pic) and fits well. There are two rubber fins that clamp on to one of the vent fins, then just turn the wheel to tighten. The bottom arm is adjustable to rest on the bottom of the vent and support the GPS while still allowing room for the…

  3. SDJ says:

    Works for my 13 Toyota Siena. Will not work …