Escort Visor Clip Mount for Radar and Laser Detectors

57-000027 Features: -Fits firmly on car’s visor for easy access. -Not recommended for cars with dark-tinted bands on windshields. Product Type: -Mounting system. Application: -Vehicle. Finish: -Black. Attachment Type: -Clamp. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -0.8″. Overall Width – Side to Side: -5″. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -3″.

Product Features

  • Visor clip mount for radar and laser detectors
  • Fits firmly on car’s visor for easy access
  • Compatible with current Passport 8500 X50, Solo S2, and Passport 7500S models
  • Not recommended for cars with dark-tinted bands on windshields
  • Holds earlier Passport 8500, 7500, 6800, 5000, 4600, 4500, and 4200 detectors, plus Solo RD-5110, Solo 5, and Solo 4 models

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3 Responses to Escort Visor Clip Mount for Radar and Laser Detectors

  1. Paul M. Provencher says:

    Raise your stealth… This is a simple device. It places your detector on your visor. This does two things:1. For X, K, and Ka band, should extend the range of your detector (while unfortunately affecting Laser detection)2. Reducing the visibility of your detector…While laser radar is on the increase, I have found my detector still detects laser in time to matter, even when visor-mounted. I have up to 2 mile detection range with my BEL Driver STi mounted on my visor – pretty…

  2. Laurdess says:

    So there is no falling off or anything weird like that. Its just hard as heck to get …

  3. Scuzzyii says:

    Easy does it Clip fits ESCORT battery operated radar/laser detector and stays fastened. slides onto sun visor without weighing it down. Release is via a button on the top of the detector (mine is the battery operated). Keeps detector out of view but still provides a LOS (line-of-sight)scan of the road for the detector. If you have a radar detector powered via your cigarette lighter or some other auxillary power in your vehicle, this may not work for you as the cable from the detector will more than…