Cars 2

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2 Responses to Cars 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you thought the first Cars film needed more chases, fights, and explosions, you’ll love this! I’ll stay out of the argument about what it’s appropriate to show your kids, as I was only allowed to watch the Disney Channel as a kid and eagerly looked forward to staying with a babysitter so I could watch the “cool” cartoons the other kids liked to watch. I also happen to think that no one should show something to their kids just because it’s by Disney/Pixar and rated G, but I digress.I watched this film right after the first a few days ago, and I’m again impressed by it…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Violent and convoluted disappointment from Pixar Shockingly bad children’s movie. The storyline was complicated and hard to follow for young children. My son (who is OBSESSED with Cars) kept asking us to fast forward to good parts because he was bored by the drawn-out adult-themed scenes. That was a blessing in disguise though, because he never paid close enough attention to the fact that cars were being hunted, tortured, killed, and repeatedly shot at with machine guns. WT-actual-F, Pixar?? Definitely should not have been a G-rated…