Astatic 302-636LB1 Black Noise Cancelling 4 Pin CB Microphone (Bulk)

Astatic microphones are engineered to surpass all stock mic options, providing superior sound quality for CB, Amateur, and Single Side Band communications. Premium noise canceling sound quality and a rugged design make these microphones an unsurpassed legend in the communications industry. The polyurethane coated steel grille screen and low impedance dynamic element creates sonic clarity.

Product Features

  • World Famous Replacement Mic
  • Rugged Housing Design
  • Polyurethane Coated Steel Grille Screen
  • Low Impedance Dynamic Element
  • Coiled Cord

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2 Responses to Astatic 302-636LB1 Black Noise Cancelling 4 Pin CB Microphone (Bulk)

  1. Swamp Rat says:

    In the trucking Industry astatic is a good quality Mic

  2. Adam E says:

    Loud and clear After installing this mic on my CB, my friends now say I come in twice as loud/clear as ever. The primary reason I wanted this mic was because I have a PA system and when my windows are down there is feedback. The noise cancelling ability of this mic eliminates the feedback and I can turn my PA up to full volume now. The additional benefit of this mic was the extra clarity/volume my friends on the other end now hear from me.The cord is not as thick as I was expecting, but it is…