Astatic (302-10005) D104M6B Amplified Ceramic Power 4-Pin CB Microphone

Astatic microphones are engineered to surpass all stock mic options, providing superior sound quality for CB, Amateur, and Single Side Band communications. Premium ceramic power mic and a rugged design make these microphones an unsurpassed legend in the communications industry. The tough ABS housing and chrome plated grille screen provide exceptional sound quality in harsh mobile environments.

Product Features

  • World Famous Replacement Mic
  • Ceramic Power Microphone is a Handheld Version of Classic D-104 Desk Mic
  • Molded Black Tough ABS Housing
  • Chrome Plated Grille Screen
  • Designed for Harsh Mobile Environments

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3 Responses to Astatic (302-10005) D104M6B Amplified Ceramic Power 4-Pin CB Microphone

  1. Wyoming4x4 says:

    Classic Astatic performance I’ve always admired the sound of the old D104 mics on base stations. This is basically the same thing in your hand. Very clear and punchy modulation.It provides more than sufficient voice audio especially in a modded radio, in fact, you will likely be running your mic at mid level or less.I’d like to thank Lake Distributing Inc for making such a fine mic available at such a low price! It even came wired for a 4 pin Cobra for this price. Awesome!I did the mods on a Cobra HG M75 and…

  2. J. SILVESTRI says:


  3. Marvin McKinney says:

    Excellent for modulation and audio “Punch”